How to make mealtime fun for kids

Making sure our kid’s little tummy is full is the biggest concern a mom has, isn’t it? And to make sure they get proper nutrition and a healthy diet is yet another challenge we face.

Well today I am going to share a few tips and tricks which I use to make mealtime fun and easy for my kids.

1. Sing a rhyme or a song – Both I and my kids love to listen to different kinds of music and sing lots of rhymes and so since they were young we made it a tradition to sing a rhyme or two with actions while they eat. This way the attention is diverted to the rhyme or try to enact the action, which makes it easier for me to feed them as they forget about any tantrums.

Eat along with kids

2.Eat along with Kids – As the kids grow older they must learn to self-feed themselves and so we as a family try to have at least 1 meal together each day. This helps kids to eat as they like and also seeing us enjoy different food they also learn to eat it.

Pretend play

3 Try Pretend play – This is my go-to for the days am in a hurry or the kids are not in a very good mood, I pretend to play with them it can be anything like the knock-knock whose there game or a simple doll tea party. You can play any role your kid usually likes.

No visual Aids

4. No Visual Aids – I know it sounds really difficult but honestly it’s not, try to switch off the television and keep your phone away while eating, you can use audio like light music or any of your favourite song, Visual aids can be addictive and your kid may get the habit of watching Tv or mobile phone while eating.

Make food visually attractive

5 Make the food visually attractive – This trick I usually use in the evening snack time, get different shapes cookie cutters of making a smiley face on the food you are serving your kids, get different kinds of plates and cutlery for them, they enjoy the colourful plates and would happily eat the food if it looks attractive to them. You can also try to experiment on different tastes

These are a few tips I regularly use for my kid’s mealtime, these have helped me a lot and are easy to adapt to.

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Hope these help you too!

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