PlayDough- A fun learning tool

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Hope you all are doing good and are healthy and happy, today I am going to share a new fun way which I and Maanya are using these days for our activities, we call it Playdough-A fun learning tool.

We all definitely have playdough at our place if you have kids at home, and honestly speaking more than my daughter I enjoy playing with play dough.

Kid playing with Playdough
Kid Playing with Playdough

For the past few months, as the schools are closed and we are having online classes it has been a little difficult for me to keep Maanya interested in her studies, though she is young and has just started writing, we thought it would be fun to explore new ways of using play dough and making it simpler to learn.

The first thing we did was to learn making alphabet with dough.

Let me give you an example

Suppose we are making a capital A

For that, we require to make 2 long lines and 1 short line by rolling the playdough.

Maanya practicing the letter A
Maanya practicing capital letter A

Now ask the child to form an A using the 3 given lines, help them if they require any help, or just watch them make their cute little A out of playdough. Similarly, you can make them learn about rainbows, numbers or words or even fill in the blanks.

Making rainbow with Playdough
Learning to make rainbow with Playdough !

The second thing which I did with Maanya was inspired by one of my very good friends Tinika, she made these lovely vegetable miniature out of clay.

Vegetables Miniature out of playdough
Vegetables made with Playdough

Not only are these easy to make but are so adorable that the child will love to recreate it, and while those little hands work you can talk about the vegetables, colors and this way they also learn about vegetables and much more.

It might look difficult to make so a complete tutorial video of HOW TO MAKE VEGETABLE MINIATURE has been linked below for your reference.

Youtube Tutorial for making vegetable miniatures with Playdough
Youtube Tutorial

These are just some inspiration on how to use playdough for fun learning, you can create so many other things like fruits, shapes or animals.

Sea Animals made with Playdough
Sea Animals made of playdough

Making learning fun for kids not only helps them learn easily but also keeps them interested in learning more.

These activities also help in enhancing Motor Skills in Kids.

To read more about Motorskill read my post – Motorskill and its importance

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86 Replies to “PlayDough- A fun learning tool”

  1. I’m planning out all the activities I can keep my little guy busy with while I homeschool his big sis and this is absolutely perfect! he loves playdough and he’s just starting to figure out details. He’s going to love following your ideas on this post! Bookmarked πŸ™‚ Thank you!

  2. How fun! I never thought to make food, like the veggies. Great idea! I always have to take a deep breath as my son mixes all the play doh colors together, lol

  3. I think playdoh is totally underrated. Sure, every parent has some in the house, but when given a prompt or a little direction it can become a magnificent learning tool. Thanks for sharing your ideas!! πŸ™‚

  4. Playing with playdoh is a very good activity. They learn from it and it also develops their creative thinking. I still remember those days when my son used to play with it. It was a challenge cleaning it up but the joy on his face after creating something new was satisfying.

  5. I also had it when I was a kid and loved making things. But yes It helps to strengthen small fingers, hands and wrists. Children gain control over their hand and arm movements which improves coordination. It helps to build your child’s imagination. It helps children develop self esteem -there is no right or wrong way to use play dough. So many good things out of this!

  6. Very artistic! I love how the vegetables made by dough turns out, looks very nice. My daughter is still young for this but this is worth to bookmark for future reference, thanks for sharing!

  7. This looks so fun! My younger kids are really getting into playdough, so we will have to give these a try! I love the letter idea!! Thank you for posting this! πŸ™‚

  8. I love this activity! I remember as a kid, I was always using my playdough thinking of new stuff to create. Thanks for sharing!

  9. My daughter had playdough and it made her show her artistic side + we really had fun playing on it when she was little. Those were the times, yet now she’s already 19, trying to finish a medical course is no joke so I let her be. Maybe 1 day we play on this one again!

  10. My daughter is all about PlayDoh these days. I love your ideas. I’m going to work on creating letters with her!

  11. These are great playdoh ideas! All of my kids loved playdoh and I also used it to play games and make various projects in my middle school kids club classes. They loved it as much as the younger kids!

  12. These are all such fun ways to use Playdough! It’s great for parents who will be staying at home with young ones this year, instead of sending them back to school.

  13. Play dough is such great way to teach kids and have fun at the same time too! It helps unleash their creativity as well! πŸ™‚

  14. Play doughs are really nice. My son had lots of them and he used to make so many things out of it. It brings out the creativity in the kids. Now he uses the clay ones and he is learning from his art and crafts teacher. I love watching them.

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