What is Motor Skills and its Importance?

I often post a lot of activities and videos which are focused on developing or enhancing motor skills in children. My daughter who has just turned 3 years, is very active and enjoys doing a lot of Art and Craft Work which allows her to develop Imagination and essential Motor Skills.Now many of my friends seldom ask meWhat is Motor Skill? and why is it important?If I have to explain in the simplest term I would say Motor Skills are actions that involve muscle movement, for example, Walking, Picking up a toy or moving arms or wrist, etc.Motor Skills are future divide into 2 parts

  • Gross Motor Skills:- these are skills that require the usage of larger muscles like Legs and arms, activities such as Pulling up to stand, Walking or Running, etc are gross motor activities.
  • Fine Motor Skill:- this involves skills which require the usage of smaller muscle group like a hand, finger, and thumb, activities such as writing, eating, picking up a toy, or typing, etc are fine motor skill activities.

Development of motor skill takes place from birth to five and six years of age, these skills are very essential to complete day to day common activities like eating, walking or writing, having good motor skill enables the child to explore the world around them freely and helps in building confidence.Activities which enhances Motor SkillAge 0-1 year

    • Rattle – get a rattle and play it in front of the child, move it from side to side and see the little one gazing at it, once your child is older you can also keep it away so the kid can crawl and get it.

  • Ring Blocks can be introduced as soon as 6 months, initially, the baby will grab an explore the colors and shape of the block, and eventually, they will be able to put the blocks in the ring stacks.
  • Crawling and learning to pull up and stand- these are 2 very important gross motor skill activities, try putting toys within the kid’s reach and encourage them to get it for you.

Age 1 to 2 years

My 1 year old trying to figure out the toy

  • Self-feeding – during this year your baby will be able to pick up the food and put it into their mouth on their own, cover the area with mats and put the food on the mat, and let them eat on their own.

  • Climbing on to the bed – climbing up and down the bed is currently my 1-year-old daughter’s favorite activity.
  • Shape sorting and wooden boards – this is the perfect time to introduce learning toys like these.

Age 3 to 4

My 3-year-old smiling after finishing her activity

Age 4 to 5

Kid playing with playdough

  • Playdough activities:- this is a fun way to help those little hands enhance motor skills, give them playdough, and let them create different things using their imagination.
  • Puzzles:- solving puzzles will not only improve their fine motor skills it also builds confidence and concentration levels in kids
  • Physical activities:- like playing with a ball or playing hide and seek can help develop their muscle

To sum it up Motor skill development is very essential for growing kids, these not only help to improve them physically but can also help them build important attributes like confidence and social skills.Important Disclaimer This website participates in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program. The program enables us to earn money by linking to amazon.com and affiliated websites without any additional cost to you.However, I have personally used and liked each recommended product.

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  1. Excellent guide! Breaking it down step by step is super helpful for parents to know what they can do to help theirs kids.

  2. This is very informative, for a new mum like me this is very helpful to know the importance of motor skills and other skills for my baby’s development. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Nice suggestions. Focusing on motor skill development does kind of get lost sometimes, among the other important skills, so this was a nice reminder.

  4. Development is key for children. I had taken child psychology and early childhood development classes and it amazed me just how much child need hands on more than anything. Even as teens you can’t imagine just how much more receptive children are to learning things if it gets them moving and interested.

  5. Thank you for this recommendation. My daughter loves to use blocks that hava numbers colors and letters n them. And she identifies a lot of letters.I have to try to develop her motor skills.

  6. This is really great information! I’m only a recent dog mom, and I’m learning the importance of developing motor skills within dogs too. Thanks for sharing!

  7. Preschool programs focus a lot of their activities on improving motor skills in toddlers and little ones. It’s a very important developmental stage.

  8. Motor skill is something every kid should be taught. Thanks for this awesome post, it refreshed my childhood memories.

  9. What great activities for little ones! It’s important to know which milestones your kids should be hitting at certain ages. One that my granddaughter was not doing was throwing a ball–we’d never thought to give her a ball. She learned quickly!

  10. Hi, it’s true that kids absorb soo much up to the age of 7 years old and it’s so important to expose them to as many activities as possible. This will give them a better understanding about everything…

  11. I wish I had known more about the importance when my girls were smaller. I just listened to their doctor and made sure they were developing at the right pace, but I never really researched it beyond that.

  12. This is great information. It makes it easier to determine the best gifts to give to children in these stages, especially when it has been a long time and hard to remember!

  13. This is absolutely correct. I think motor skills are really important. There are apps saying how they can improve motor skills but physical activities are much better.

  14. I really love that you broke down why helping kids with their motor skills is important. We’ve all heard it’s important, but not many of us have heard WHY.

  15. This was a great post. I always knew it was important to help kids build their fine motor skills, but I never really knew exactly what that meant outside of using blocks and things.

  16. Yes! Both gross and fine motor skills are very important for a child’s development. These are all great activities for doing just that. We love playdoh and puzzles too.

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