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I always like to reuse and re purpose things at home and make best out of waste, so today I thought of making a simple and fun learning DIY ALPHABET WEAVING ACTIVITY BOARD for my daughter and specially when it is to create a fun activity or a game for her.

Activity board
DIY alphabet weaving board

A couple of months back I had made a similar DIY Number weaving board and a lot of you had requested me to share the procedure.
So here I am sharing a step by step instructions will all of you on how to make Alphabet weaving activity for Kids

Pintrest Pin
Pintrest pin for DIY alphabet activity

To start with we require below mentioned materials:-

  1. Colorful papers
  2. Scissors
  3. Sketch pens
  4. Glue
  5. Cardboard
  6. Punching machine
  7. Lace or ribbon

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Instructions to make the fun learning Activity board:-

  • Take a cardboard and cut it into a square or a rectangular shape.
  • Now cut the colorful papers into small squares
  • Apply glue on one end and roll the paper and stick the ends together
  • Make 13 or 26 such paper noodles ( according to your cardboard size)
  • Now apply glue on the cardboard and slowly start sticking the paper noodle.
  • Once it dries gently write alphabets A – M or A-Z (according to the size of your cardboard)
  • Now punch a few holes on the top of your board and put a lace through it, tie a knot in the end to secure the ribbon.
  • Decorate the board as per your desire.
  • Hurray! A fun game is ready

Activity board

Video tutorials – YouTube video tutorial

Benefits of this activity:-

  1. This helps in enhancing motor skills like hand and eye coordination.
  2. It makes learning Alphabets easier and fun.
  3. As we have used colored paper it is attractive and also helps in color recognition.
  4. Best use of waste materials at home
  5. Economic and cost-effective
  6. Can be reused in making a number board or word board.

Number weave board

We certainly need to try and do different activities with our children so they enjoy this process of learning. Introducing simple and hand made activities always attract the attention of these little minds not only do they enjoy this making process, but it also helps them to learn the significance of reuse and re-purpose.

If you have older kids, you can give this to them to make this for your younger ones as a weekend project, such as art and craft activities open their imagination and nurture their thoughts.

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Hope you enjoy making this as much as I did!

Stay safe!


Links of materials used in this DIY ACTIVITY has been shared under the material list section. Please note if u buy anything via these link, I will receive a small commission on your purchase (without any additional cost to you).

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  1. What a fun project! Finding engaging activities like this are especially important during quarantine since kids are getting bored much quicker, and parents may have to manage keeping their kids entertained while also working from home. I’ll definitely have to try this with my nieces!

    Rayka | South Asian Skin Blog

  2. This activity has a lot of benefits and will be helpful for parents who want some fun education bonding activity to do with their kids since it’s still quarantine in most countries. Thank you!

  3. My momma friends would love this! Definitely sharing especially now that homeschooling is a must.

  4. Thanks for sharing these creative ideas. Love your innovative ways of teaching kids something new everyday.

  5. This is definitely a wonderful learning activity and really a lot of fun, perfect for my toddler.

  6. I love this learning activity! I teach first grade and will definitely be using this with some of my first graders this year!

  7. I always loved doing crafts like this with my son when he was young. Crafts like these make wonderful memories and also make learning fun.

    1. Haha, kids are really moody one day my daughter loves to color and the other day she will hate doing it! give them to make this and they can spend some quality sibling time .
      Lots of love for your kids πŸ™‚

  8. That looks like a fun project and perfect for kids! A great way to learn numbers and the aphabet.

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