Pre writing-2 fun grip enhancing activities for Kids!

Hello Ladies !!

I am back again with play and learn, pre writing fun grip enhancing activities for toddlers !Β 

For all who have been following my blog are well aware of how huge fan I am of Play and learn the method, these methods make learning and teaching new things to kids very easy and fun.

My daughter, Maanya has been introduced to writing recently, and since she has just started her grip over pencil is very poor, sometimes I see her trying to write with her fist closed despite repeatedly correcting her I observed she was not comfortable holding her pencil with her 3 fingers.

That is when I understood the need to do some fun activities with her so she can have control over her finger movement and believe me it has helped her immensely and so I had to share this with all of you.

Let’s start with her favorite activity:-

1. The Sand Game

Things required

* Sand
* Inflated tray / Big Plate
*Some stamps or any toy which can make a print


*Spread the sand evenly on the tray or plate.

*Ask the child to pick the stamps or any toy and make an impression in the sand using only 1 dominant hand (which they write with).

* Have a conversation and small talks about the impression they make in the sand , it keeps them entertained and more focused on task at hand.

* Repeat the activity on alternate days to keep the eagerness alive.

Sand printing activity
Maanya enjoying her sand printing activity

The second activity is called

2. Wet/Liquid Pouring Activity

Things Required:-

* Sponge
* 2 Bowls
* Cloth or hand towel


* Fill 1 bowl with water and keep an empty one beside it.

* Ask the child to dip the sponge in the water and squeeze out the water in the empty bowl.

* Repeat till all the water is transferred to the other bowl.

* Switch the bowls and repeat.

wet or liquid pouring activity
Maanya enjoying her activity

Both activities enhance finger grip which in turn gives a more steady ability to hold objects and have better writing skills.

You can check out our activity video below

Grip enhancing activity

Here are some more Motor skill development related activities

Water Activity for toddlers

3 Activities using daily objects for enhancing Motor skills in Toddlers !

For more fun activities you can exploreΒ 

Kids Activities

You can also access free Educational resources by clicking on the below link.

Free Educational Resources !

Do try this with your kids !

Stay Happy ! Stay blessed !


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64 Replies to “Pre writing-2 fun grip enhancing activities for Kids!”

  1. This is very helpful and fun at the same time to do with kids. My daughter is still young to learn to write but I’m happy to know this, so that in the future I know what to do already.

  2. I love learning through play! It’s the best way. We used sand as well when my son was starting writing.. I plan to do the same with my daughter.

  3. Excellent tips here! Thanks for putting it together. I remember when mine were growing up they switched hands each month I think! We didn’t know which was going to be their strong hand!

  4. It’s good of you to share the array of activities that enhance motor skill development, in children. Again, the resulting fun boosts their creativity.

  5. Children need this more than immense and expensive games, the imagination of their mothers!

  6. It is difficult to teach children how to hold a pencil correctly. Thank you for these suggestions. They should greatly help.

  7. These are excellent ideas. I love what they do, and I love that they’re so much fun for the kids.

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