A Fun Indoor Water Activity for kids

Hi Friend,

Today I have got a fun WATER ACTIVITY, for kids .Monsoon has started, it’s time for rains and water play but sadly, due to ongoing pandemic situations, we cannot schedule our usual water play dates or pool parties with friends.

My daughter misses her water activities too much, hence I started doing small but interesting water plays at home and will be sharing one such fun indoor activity with all you lovely people.

Things required:-

* Strainer – 1
* Fishes or any other water animals or transport- 5 or more objects
* Bowl – 2
* Cloth or play mats

*Links for all products used in this activity are shared below

Things required for the activity

Let’s, get started with the activity

* Cover the table with waterproof playmat or cloth to avoid water spilling

* Take a bowl and fill it half and add all animals inside the water.

* Give your child the strainer and ask her to take out the animals one at a time and put it in the empty bowl.

* Repeat the activity as many times as you like.


I love to do activities that are fun and have additional benefits.

* Using the strainer helps in building grip in toddlers.

* Helps to enhance Hand and eye coordination.

* They learn about water animals and transport.

Maanya enjoys this activity a few times in a week.

You can check out our Activity video
Water Activity video

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Do try this with your kids !

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Here is a link to all the products used for this activity :-

Steel strainer link

Animal Bath Toys

Plastic bowl

Mats for kids

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103 Replies to “A Fun Indoor Water Activity for kids”

  1. Super great idea! My little one is too little for this right now, but I will have to try it in the next few months when shes a little older! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Soaking in water alone is fun for children, especially with toys that are very cute in shape and color. The important thing is not too long so it does not hurt.

  3. Your post always brings a huge smile to my face. It takes me back to when my teenagers we’re just toddlers and how I would keep them busy with different activities like these.

  4. What a great idea! We have used a wading pool in the past for our “fishing” fun.

  5. Using everyday objects (I.e. strainer) for new and different things helps kiddos develop their imagination! So many possibilities when things become different and new!

  6. Wow, the activity seem good and your daughter is sweet. But can we do this for special kids? I have certain patients so I was thinking after reading this if that’s possible.

  7. My two-year-old loves scooping and pouring (and really just playing in the water whenever possible!). This is a great indoor toddler activity for a rainy day πŸ™‚

  8. This looks like a great way to keep your children entertained, especially during the pandemic! I’ll show this to my cousins for their children!

  9. Its such a challenge keeps the kids engaged in this pandemic situation. My neighbors son loves playing with water. He runs out whenever the sprinkler is turned on. I am definitely sharing this activity with her. She will surely appreciate it. Thanks.

      1. These water activities are quite interesting and full of fun. Love your ideas!

  10. Absolutely adorable! Such a great activity for kids especially during this hot summer!

  11. Due to the COVID and most of the kids are just staying at home, these are some really fun and unique ideas! A great family activity too. Thank you!

  12. Quite the fun activities to keep children engaged! Your daughter looks adorable ❀️

  13. She’s such a doll, your little one! Our kids love to play with their tiny hands in the water all day long if they could.

  14. Your daughter is such a cutie. What a fun idea to let your go fishing in a bowl with a strainer. With a little bit of imagination we can come up with so many fun games for our kids.

      1. I love this activity. I’ve already tried it with my toddler who was so engrossed while doing this activity as he loves water play.

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