The secret oil mix for healthy and beautiful hair!

Every girl dreams of having long and beautiful hair but sadly, it is not so easy and so todayΒ  am sharing The secret oil mix for healthy and beautiful hair!

Thanks to my regular hair oiling habit, I never faced any hair related problems, it was only after the birth of my second daughter my hair suddenly started to fall in abundance, initially I thought it was a usual postpartum hair fall problem and would eventually go away.

However, even after 6 months when my hair fall did not reduce I started my experiments with hair oils, that is when I found this perfect solution for hair fall control and keeping hair long, shiny and gorgeous.

This mixture is very easy to make and can be stored for 6 months.

Let me first share the types of oils required for this mixture.

* COCONUT OIL – We all are well aware of this multitasking oil, it not only protects the protein loss from our hairs it also keeps hair moisturized & protects from environmental damage like wind, sun, or wet hair.

Coconut Oil

* Olive oilYes it’s not only limited to salads, but this oil is also very good for hair.
Olive oil protects from scalp irritation and also treats dandruff and helps keep it away.

Olive oil

* Castor oilthis is my go-to hair oil when it comes to hair growth since ages castor oil is used to promote hair growth, and why not it always gives the best results.

Castor beans

* Neem oilnot many people know about it but neem oil is very good for hair, it keeps the hair frizz-free and also keeps head lice away for good.

Neem Leaves

* Almond oilmany people apply this oil regularly but when it is added in this mixture its benefits are more prominent, Almond oil has the necessary fatty acid which promotes healthy and shiny hair.

Almond Oil

* Rosemary oil – this is my favorite oil, it helps to delay premature graying of hair and also keeps your scalp healthy and moisturized. This is a must for a healthy hair regime.

Rosemary oil

Now let’s mix all these in the below-mentioned quantities.

Coconut Oil – 250 ml
Olive Oil – 100 ml
Castor oil – 20 ml
Neem oilΒ  – 5 to 10 drops
Almond oil – 50 ml
Rosemary oil – 50 ml

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* Take a pan and start heating the coconut oil, let it heat for 2 to 3 minutes on low flame.
* Now add Olive oil, Castor oil, and Almond oil and stir for a minute and take off the flame.
* now add neem oil and rosemary oil and let it cool down.

Once it cools down, fill this mixture in a glass bottle to keep the freshness intact.


* You can add or reduce the quantity of any oil according to your requirement.

* Always keep coconut oil quantity more than any other oil, as it will keep the oil from thickening.

* Neem oil has a very strong smell, ensure you do not put more than the required amount.

* Try to use organic and cold press oil as they give the best results.

* This mixture can be used for any age group. Although it is advised not to apply it to kids below 6 months of age.

You can also try –Β  Quarantine skincare from your kitchen !

This hair oil mix has worked wonders for me, do try this and let me know your experience 😊


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95 Replies to “The secret oil mix for healthy and beautiful hair!”

  1. Love this! I use an oil treatment on my hair as well. It has made my hair so thick! However, I’ve never used Neem Oil before. I will have to check that one out.

  2. My wife is having some problems with her hair. We didn’t know about all these natural tips! Thanks!

  3. I had know idea that an oil mix could help hair be healthy. I don’t really have any hair any more on my head, haha. But awesome tips!

  4. i love coconut oil so im not surprised there. this mix sounds amazing. i’m def trying it out.

  5. THis sounds like a great and easy way to maintain the healthy hair everyone is seeking. I especially appreciated your insights like using organic and cold press oil

  6. My hair gets especially dry in the winter, so I’ll definitely be needing these tips in the coming months! Thank you for sharing!

  7. Wonderful post I haven’t heard of Neem oil, excited to give it a try for my frizzy hair. Thanks for sharing

  8. My hair just keeps getting harder and harder to manage. I can’t wait to try this recipe for my hair! I have everything except the neem oil already!

  9. I’ve only used coconut oil before but my hair has been so dry lately I definitely need to try adding more!

  10. I have to make this. My hair has been so dry and “meh” for the past few months. I’ve tried lots of treatments, but none of them have worked very well. I think this might be the ticket.

  11. I have to try this. My hair has been very dry and kind of terrible lately. I’m not obsessed with it, but I have so much of it, I’d like it to look nice.

  12. I will definitely have to give this a go, after having a baby my hair has just been awful. The only one i had tried before was the coconut oil. I cant wait to see what your other suggestions do for my hair!

  13. I am really not the best at taking care of my hair. This looks like some great tips to help though. I’ll have to buy some of the ingredients and try it.

  14. I will have to give some of these a try. I use coconut oil already – love it! I have heard of castor bean oil, and I’ve even seen lash serum with castor bean oil in it.

  15. Postpartum hair fall is indeed a concern for many moms. I had the same experience when I gave birth to my daughter and was advised to use castor oil which helped my condition. Happy to know that there are a lot of other alternatives. Thank you for sharing this. Very helpful. πŸ™‚

  16. The first time I experienced that post partum hair falling out it freaked me out! The second time at least I knew what to expect. Good tips with the oils.

  17. I need to try this. My hair has gotten so crummy since I had my last baby. I’ve tried so many different techniques and this is one I am yet to try.

  18. Great information. Although I know and have used some of these, but have not tried rosemary or neem oil. Great reminder for me to oil my hair and scalp regularly. Thanks for sharing!

  19. I know i need to restart using oil for haircare like when growing up.. will try this mix (though i do not have the last two on the list) and hope it helps strengthen my hair (and also for my 14 yo)

  20. Coconut oil worked miracles on my son’s cradle cap as a baby! I hadn’t thought about using it in my own hair care routine.

  21. I agree with you! I use all these oils and then some in my locks and my hair has been very healthy and moisturised. I also eat a lot of avocado which is great for my hair, skin, and HDL cholesterol haha

  22. I used coconut oil all through my pregnancy as a moisturizier. It worked wonders, no stretch marks, no nothing. I will definitely give this oil mixture a try.

  23. I love using natural products on beauty routines. This recipe sounds lovely and luxurious and I’m going to try it. Is heating the oil for consistency, sterilisation, blending or something else? Thank you. I’m eager to to try it.

  24. There are so many oils that are great for our hair. I especially love jojoba and avocado oil for my hair.

  25. I use coconut oil, but I’m totally making this mixture and adding it to a bottle. I love neem already for my scalp, so it makes sense!

      1. I am going to try this! I have had tremendous call-out over the last year due to health and medication side-effects. And I had no idea that rosemary delays growth of gray hair! Very interesting. Thank you for sharing! ❀️

  26. The best things needed to look after our bodies have been provided in the earth. I’m a fan of all these oils.

  27. The beauty is that often in fact the best help comes from everything that is natural and we have it near and around us.

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