Simple Chores for Kids and its benifits.

Keeping our little monsters busy is really getting tough, mine are super bored with staying at home ,m Maanya keeps asking me when canย she go back to her school and play with her friends, and I have to tirelessly keep repeating my answers but deep down I know she is really bored and wants to go back to her daily schedule again and sadly it’s really a long way to normal again.

Then I started involving her in small and simple chores around the house, this way her energy is also consumes and she enjoys doing these little chores.

Here are a few tasks that a 3 to 4-year-old can easily do.

1. Helping set the dinner tables

We use steel dinner plates and serving bowls, so it’s completely safe to let her hold dinner plates from the kitchen to the dining table.
Ensure you give 1 plate at a time so it’s not heavy and kids can easily carry it.
If you use ceramic or glass crockery do not do this task.

2. Keeping clothes in the drawer.

I have kept a few clothes they wear at home in a drawer which can be easily accessed by my 3-year-old, whenever we fold clothes and I go to keep them in my cupboard, she carries her clothes to her drawer to keep. Initially, for a few days, I had to guide her but now she has become a pro.

3. Picking up, sorting, and putting back toys

This she has been doing it since she was 2 years old, but now we have made different baskets for different toys, after dinner my daughter’s play for an hour or so and after that, she sorts and puts everything in its respective baskets and then to it’s designated place.

4. Helping to clean

This by far is her favorite task, she just loves to spray and mop, so whenever I am in a cleaning spree I hand her a spray bottle and a cloth, she cleans whatever she can, and later I finish the rest.

5. Helping her younger sibling

My younger daughter is a year old, and when we sit to eat I often ask Maanya to help me feed Vihaana, of course, I only give dry food like chocos or cucumber, Apple, etc.
It’s really amazing to see how she feeds my little one with love and care.

These are a few chores my daughter enjoys, now let’s talk about its benefits

* Helps in developing gross motor skills.
* Helps in building grip, for pre-writing skills.
* Learning about Independence.
* Learning about Responsibility.
* Improves hand and eye coordination.

Do try some of these fun activities with your kids๐Ÿ˜Š

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For more activity ideas check my YouTube Channel

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124 Replies to “Simple Chores for Kids and its benifits.”

  1. Great tips here. My mother raised 7 of us and we always had chores to do. I thought it was interesting on top of your list was setting out the table. That was the first job we got as kids too!

  2. These tips are very helpful! I plan on giving my future kids chores as they grow up, I didn’t have many as a child and I wish I did

  3. Little ones are always super excited to help out, especially with “Mom” chores like cleaning, setting the table, or folding clothes. They can easily be taught to mate socks or fold washclothes.

  4. I totally agree with you on this mommy and Iโ€™m super happy that your little girl is having fun as well. This also train them to be independent and responsible which will come a long way when theyโ€™re all grown up.

  5. What a great idea. This will not only prepare kids for future but also help busy moms in managing home stuffs.

  6. I love how you recognize that doing even simple chores for kids has tons of extra benefits to their growth and learning beyond just discipline and not being disgusting! I especially like assigning them tasks to help out their younger siblings because this adds so many levels of growth, connection, and the feeling of pride from helping another person.

  7. How cute is that!!. My kids are pretty grown ups but I always love to read the little times as they bring lovely memories

  8. It is so important to teach your kiddos to be responsible at a young age. My baby is only 9 months old but I half-heartly joke that her chore is to turn off and on the porch light when we go to bed and when we wake up. Since she has started to get interested in light switches, it is now part of our routine and she is getting so good at clicking it. It sounds silly, but even when she is screaming and upset, we go and do her chores and then finish the bedtime/wake up routine. Thanks for sharing!

  9. It;s so important for children to have chores to help teach them responsibility and accountability. Great article.

  10. These are great ways to get your kids helping with chores! The earlier the better. in my book โ€“ not just for me as the mom, but so the kids can start learning early!

  11. This is fantastic way to teach kids a chores. Besides itโ€™s really nice to let them do a wee bit to learn and enjoy at the same time…

  12. Aww your children are so cute! I remember I wanted to clean the floor at home too, but my parents refused to because they told me I would do a terrible job of it!

    1. Haha, ya they make a bigger mess than what they started with , I remember when we were young we were given 1 chore each ( we are 3 sisters) and we were to complete it on daily basis! May be thats whar trained me to handle 2 Toddler’s all alone ๐Ÿ˜‚

  13. I’ve seen a lot of kids get addicted to using gadgets (yes even 4 y/o) and I would prefer to have them do ‘light’ chores like the ones above than lay around and watch youtube. I would mostly encourage them to help with their younger siblings as this sort of activity help strengthen their relationship!

  14. Wow these are some great activities to get kids involved into cleaning and other chores. I have 2 kids and they love to make mess ๐Ÿ˜€

  15. I don’t have kids yet but you bet I’m taking notes from you as to how to keep these little ones engaged!

  16. These are such cute and amazing activities that can be done with the get I almost follow all of these with my daughter it not only enhances the bonding but also helps you to teach them the nuances of life

  17. This post is perfect for this time of the year when children are at home. I am trying to make their schedule for simple chores to keep them busy.

  18. Great list! My two year old daughter loves to help clean and pick up toys. I started letting her help me out clothing into th dryer or out of the dryer. She loves it!

  19. Great tips! For our 3.5 year old, she has to pick up, help feed the pets, and clean up her own spills. Our 5 year old just got started on a basic allowance because she loves helping so much!

  20. This is a great list of ideas for kids! Not only does it keep them engaged for a small period of time but it helps them develop a nice routine!

  21. My 4 year old loves to help me around the house, so Iโ€™m putting that to good use and training her now.

  22. These are great ideas to keep the kids engaged and also make them independent. My son does folding of clothes, taking plates and glasses during meal times as well as helping me with dishwasher. It has made him more responsible.

  23. These are great ideas! My toddler loves to help (most of the time), so I definitely want to keep that going!

  24. Loved this post title – I had to click. When I was a child (my mother had 7 children!) she always had us do chores. Setting the table was the first chore we got and I saw that it was top of your list too!

  25. Great tips on chores for kids! I have also started young for my kids and now my teens help me with vacuuming/ cleaning house on weekends and laying/clearing tables at every meal. Small accomplishments but all Kids need to learn to help around so they are benefited for their own future self

  26. I find it hard to make my child tidy up, but he will put his toys again and enjoys โ€œhooveringโ€ with me/alongside me. But these tasks are wonderful to teach them life skills and how to become independent but also understand that helping is great.

  27. Great shore for kids to do at home! My daughter is 4.5 yo and she is already doing the table and clearing it after we finish eating. She also does dishes sometimes although she makes a big mess afterwards.

  28. These are great! I let my toddler do the basic work like picking up laundry clothes, clean up toys etc. It makes them more independent I believe.

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