How to deal with Cradle cap

When a baby is born there are numerous feelings and apprehension, as a new mom I use to get anxious on every little thing.

One fine morning I saw a spot on my child’s scalp it was Cradle Cap and my first reaction was to start scraping it but after a while, I saw little blood coming out of the spot I had scraped, I ran to my mother in law and that’s when she told me how to deal with it.

First of all the main question is

What is the Cradle Cap?

From what I gathered from Google is crusting and yellow or white scaling on the baby’s scalp, which is caused due to excessive oil produced around the skin glands surrounding hair follicles, it is very common and can be easily treated at home.

How to deal with the Cradle cap?

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Usually, it’s very easy to get rid of the Cradle cap but if you see below tips are not working we encourage you to consult a doctor.

1. Take a washcloth or simply rub ur fingers gently on ur child’s scalp. DO NOT SCRATCH

2. Before you give ur child a bath, loosen the scales with a soft small bristle brush, please make sure you do this gently. Now wash your baby’s head with a mild shampoo.

3. If you find scales are not coming out easily, then try applying a tiny amount of petroleum jelly. Let it sit for a few minutes then shampoo as usual.

4. Avoid the oiling of hair during this time, as leaving oil may deepen the condition.

5. Once the condition is in control, shampoo regularly for a week to avoid rebuilding of scales.

Hope these above tips help you 😊

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39 Replies to “How to deal with Cradle cap”

  1. Nice tips for cradle caps. Can I interject and say please dont use petroluem jelly and use an organic carrier oil such as coconut oil, jojoba, avocado oil, etc..

  2. Most of my kids got cradle cap, but at the time, many years ago, we were told to put oil on it to loosen it up. And they said it occurred because I gave my babies daily baths/shampoos. They said because I was taking away the natural oil, the baby’s head was then over producing to make more oil, which was then causing the cradle cap. It seems that things have changed a lot since my kids were babies!

  3. Using a soft brush to loosen is key. I did have good success using coconut oil, but maybe the recommendations have changed over the last decade.

  4. I’m not a mom and I had no idea about Cradle cap before I read your post. Thanks for creating awareness about it. Glad to know that it is not so difficult to deal with it!

  5. Yes, cradle cap is one of those things that surprises you if you haven’t heard about it before you see it. It is something you wish people would have told you about…but it’s easier today with the internet, I suppose. I didn’t have online resources when I had my littles. πŸ™‚

  6. My son has major cradle cap for the first month or so. I used oil to loosen it up just as you suggested with the petroleum jelly. Good thing it doesn’t bother the kiddos too much! Unless there is some bleeding as you noticed.

  7. You are definitely not alone in not knowing what cradle cap is. Until I read this post, I had never heard of it myself. Fortunately it seems to be easy enough to deal with but I’m sure it was a bit scary when you first see this.

  8. Great advice. I used to use petroleum jelly as well. I would first take a moist, warm wash cloth to soften the scales and then lightly massage the jelly. Worked like a charm.

  9. My baby cousin had it pretty bad and her mother didn’t know what to do. This is a really handy guide for new moms or those who never dealt with it to such an extent

  10. It’s great that you’re sharing these tips to the mom’s out there! Can’t relate as I don’t have kids tho.. πŸ˜€

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