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I have always believed kids learn easily by watching other kids, hence I enrolled my daughter to a preschool at a young age of 18 months.

She is 3 years old now and she loves going to school, but sadly we have been locked up since the last few months due to COVID 19 and it has come upon the mothers to homeschool our kids and it’s not an easy task.

I have not one but two toddlers at home, hence it’s like a circus during the day time, my second born is just a year old so thankfully she does not need homeschooling, and to make learning fun for my daughter I have come up with certain ideas which I have shared below

Try making a schedule:- this has really helped me, I have made a schedule and daily lesson plans according to my topics, every day after her afternoon nap we sit for an hour for studies.

Make learning fun– it’s easier than you think, honestly, I use stuff available at home to teach my daughter counting, tracing, shape, numbers, etc, when we use daily or familiar objects kids learn faster and can relate more easily. For example, we use bread and cookie cutters for learning shapes, so now whenever we eat the bread she relates to shapes.

Consider their interests:- Yes, this is really important, In order to make learning fun the most important thing is to make sure they like spending the time you are keeping aside for studies, for example, my daughter loves to do art and craft, so if I have to teach her anything new I try doing it via art or craftwork.

Use colorful and attractive learning materials:- Kids love new, colorful and attractive materials like if you want to teach them about animals and you do not have any flashcards or books, you can make some flashcards easily at home using old coloring book and some cardboard, the link of DIY flashcard is shared below.


Do not force:- just like adults even kids are moody and they may not feel like doing certain activities someday, rather than forcing the child you can change the activity or try it later during the day.

Have patience – this situation is difficult for us and the kids, living in the house all day and not being able to go to school, play outside and meet friends can take a toll on kids also.
So we have to be considerate and help them adjust to this new way of learning.

These are a few tips that help me to make homeschooling fun and fruitful.
I have made a few videos on easy activities you can do with your kids at home, do try them out and let me know your feedback

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26 Replies to “Make Homeschooling Fun”

  1. Making a schedule is so crucial. We were pretty lax with the schedule at first, thinking this would just be something that would last for a month or two. Now I have really grumpy kids and we are undoing a lot of messes we made.

  2. great tips. this year there will be an influx of homeschooling. so many will need this.

  3. I have been homeschooling for many years, so I was grateful for the experience when covid closed schools down. There is so much more freedom in teaching concepts at home. You have the world at your fingertips! This post was very good!

  4. I do think that home schooling is currently the best way to keep your kids safe while engaged in learning but sometimes I wish my kids could enjoy the usual learning with their friends in school

  5. We are currently in a homeschooling situations right now and these are great ideas to make our schooling time more lively and fun. Thank you!

  6. It’s interesting to see how kids are learning to adapt their learning, with the lockdown/quarantine in place! As adults, all we can do is make the most out of the experience for the younger generation.

    1. Haha, I agree but dear in todays time I feel most of the teaching pressure and responsibilities fall on the parents as there are several restrictions on virtual learning.

  7. Those are all great ways to make homeschooling fun! It is important to have some cool ideas, especially with the way things are going with Covid.

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