Diaper Rash – Home remedies !

Lets admit it , we all get scared when we see our little one having those red rashes along the diaper area, and we want nothing but for it to heal as soon as possible.

Due to COVID – 19, it has become much harder for us to just walk out and buy a diaper rash cream if we don’t have one lying around the house. Well worry not, I have some home remedies for quick healing.

1. Coconut Oil – it’s not only good for your hair and skin but it also helps in healing rates due to its antifungal properties. Simply apply coconut oil directly on the affected area and leave it on, apply it in regular intervals for better results.

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2.Petroleum Jelly – This product is easily available in almost all households, just like coconut oil the jelly works as a shield between your child’s skin and the wetness of the diaper, applying this on the affected area after each diaper change will not only heal but also help prevent rashes.

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3. Aloe vera – we all know about the benefits of Aloe Vera and it’s healing properties, and even for babies aloe vera helps combat skin-related worries when you see any redness around the diaper area simply apply fresh aloe vera gel with a cotton pad, leave it for some time once the gel is absorbed into the skin you can put the diaper on again. In case you do not have fresh aloe vera, you can also use aloe vera gel available in the market.

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4. Baking soda – just like coconut oil, baking soda has multiple uses, known for balancing the PH levels this product works wonders in healing rashes. All you need is a little warm water and baking soda, mix both ingredients, and wash the affected area, let it air dry. Repeat again in a few hours. Do this regularly for a few days and see the magic.

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5. Breast Milk – Now this may sound weird but it’s completely true, breast milk has loads of benefits, and surprisingly it can heal raises too, all you need to do is apply breast milk on the affected area and put on a fresh diaper.

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Note :-

* These home remedies are easy solution found at home, but if you do not see results or if the rashes spreads please consult a doctor

* Regular change of diapers is highly recommended.

These are a few home remedies which I use for my children.

I hope they help you too!

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