3 Activities using daily objects for enhancing Motor skills in Toddlers !

Quarantine has really put everything on hold, Its become a necessity for every mother to come up with creative ways and channel kids’ energy in a positive and learning aspect.

Here, I am sharing 3 activities which can be done with items available at home,it helps in developing motor skills in toddlers.

1. Dry pouring – this is a widely used activity practiced in Montessori houses. In this activity you require 2 cups and tweezers or spoon.
Now the child has to transfer the grains from the filled cup to the empty one. You can repeat this activity as long as the child enjoys it.

2. Outline a picture – for this activity you require a big picture, and some grains or buttons. I let my child color the picture of mango and then asked her to outline the picture with grains. Remember they just have to outline it and not stick it. This activity helps in gripping and placement of an object. The child might require assistance initially with this activity but if practices regularly the child will be able to do it on their own.

3. Counting of grains – This activity also requires 2 cups or bowls, One cup should be filled with grains the child has to pick grain and put it in the other bowl and count each time they put the grain. This helps in hand and eye coordination and also helps to learn counting numbers, I use this activity to revise backward counting as well.


* It’s advised to start with 1 activity and do that for 2-3 days and then introduce another activity.

*You can use any grains available at home, though, it is better to use bigger grains like Rajma or Chola if you are doing it for the first time.

Hope these activities help you to keep your little one busy, Have fun!

36 Replies to “3 Activities using daily objects for enhancing Motor skills in Toddlers !”

  1. Great ideas for developing fine motor skills for young children. The younger they start to build fine motor skills, the better for them when it’s time to write.

  2. I love the outline idea! And your little one was so good at getting those beans exactly where they needed to go!!!

  3. My toddler is almost 3 and it is indeed hard to keep him entertained when trapped all day inside. I think these activities are perfect to teach children not only fine mottor skills, but also indepedent play. Excellent article!

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