Top 5 parenting tips for new parents !

Being a new parent can be overwhelming, and as excited as one might be being a parent brings it’s own challenge.
Having two toddlers at home has taught me quiet a bit about handling the new parent situation.
So here I am sharing my top 5 tips which helped me during my babies 1st year.

  1. Have patience – I was really scared of holding my firstborn right after she was born, worried that I might drop her or hurt her in someway or the other but staying in a nuclear family and being the prime care giver I had no option but to overcome my fear and handle the situation upfront, slowly but steadily I gained the confidence to handle my little one. Even for the infant the environment is completely new and so it takes time for them to adjust to the outer world.
  2. Support your partner – Being a new mother or a father is really exhausting, the sleepless nights and the anxiety, during this time your partner’s support is very important be it physically, mentally or emotionally.We as a couple tried to help out each other in all possible ways, we made shifts to make sure we both got rest and don’t exhaust ourselves, talked about whatever concern we had for the babies health or growth.
  3. Trust your instincts – you must have heard a lot about mothers instincts, well it’s true at least it has been for me, the infant is most attached to his mother for the first year mostly due to their yummy meal times and as they have spent the last 9 months inside you. So if at any point you feel your kid is unwell or hungry or anything else, trust your instinct.
  4. Make a schedule – This is really helpful, with both our kids we tried to maintain a schedule which helped us in many ways, we tried to timeline everything, from the wake up time to the afternoon naps and bedtime. Once the child was 6 months we made meal plans for each day. Planning and a proper scheduled will not only help the kid but will also give you time to finish your other responsibilities and also get some free time.
  5. Ask for help – if at any point you feel you are stuck or you cannot find a solution to the problem please don’t hesitate to ask for help. Parenting is a very big responsibility, and has many challenges and difficulty. Ask your parents or friends for help.

Parenthood is a beautiful feeling and it’s fulfilling to see the little one grow up so quickly, cherish this memory and make most of it.
Hope you will find these tips useful.

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  1. I’ve found that trusting your instincts is so important. When my son was young I learned this after I thought he was acting sick or upset then the next day his ear drum burst and he was only 2 months old. It’s important to listen to our gut.

  2. Great insights and tips here! It was SO important for me to create a schedule. Until I had a schedule as a stay at home mom, I floundered and struggled.

  3. Wow, such awesome tips. These are going to help mainly new moms. Although, I’m not married but whenever I take any small kid in my hand I get a kind fear that I may hurt him.

  4. I don’t have children myself, but I was spending time with a good friend and her kids today, and I can see how these tips can really apply – especially having patience!

  5. Wow, those are some helpful tips. And after working so hard and smart, seeing our baby grow with all that innocence and naughtiness brings incredible joy.

  6. Great tips, especially supporting your partner. I often neglect to realize how hard parenting is on my husband, especially during times when I’m feeling a lot of the weight.

  7. This is super helpful and I’m glad you included ask for help! It’s the one thing we are so quick to dismiss!

  8. Great tips! I find asking for help is the hardest thing to do but once I do it, I feel so much better. It’s impossible to do it all on our own.

  9. These are very good tips and true! I also learned to be flexible with the things I wanted to achieve during the day in order to avoid frustration. It took me a while to adapt.

  10. These are all great tips! I found that I felt like I didn’t have those instincts everyone talked about, but it turned out I did. I just spent too much time second guessing myself to see it at first.

  11. Hi it’s Brenda from You’ve made some really good points here, especially the 1 on patience. I wish I’d had some of these tips when I was raising my daughter as a single Mom.

  12. Thank you for sharing this post. Your first point took me right back to that moment of being scared of hurting my little newborn. And how we overcome that with time whilst supporting and being supported by our partners. I remember the shifts of sleep we used to do just to feel rested which made such a difference.
    Great Post x

  13. Simplicity, joy and serenity in life is in my opinion in simple things. In the elasticity in which we face an unexpected situation, the mood in the face of a difficulty and how we do not mess up the mind with thoughts, doubts or questions. There are some of a simply but true tricks!

    1. Totally agree with all the points mentioned! A mom’s instinct is definitely correct in my case too. Thanks for these lovely reminders.

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