How my children taught me about Motherhood !

Motherhood is a wonderful yet different experience for each mother, some are natural, and some like me keep learning and exploring every day.

I still remember the first time I held my firstborn, it was such a wonderful feeling, She slept so peacefully right next to me, no worries about anything enjoying the calm and peace, and while I was busy adoring her the nurse arrived to take the newborn back to the nursery for her nap time, while she took my infant away for the first time I realized “I am a mother now” I told myself, A small tiny human being is going to be my responsibility, and I had no idea what should I do or should not.

My first reaction was to google about it “as if Google knew how to be a mother to a child!” I thought, nonetheless, I read a few articles on parenting and motherhood, the more I read the more I got confused, there was so much information and mostly all contradicted each other, I was now scared and confused, and I went blank for a few hours and slowly I went to sleep.

When my husband visited us that evening, I told him about my insecurities, he looked very calm and composed, he held my hand and told me “We will figure it out, don’t worry”, and like always I believed him.

Days and months passed so quickly, as new and inexperienced parents, we got to learn so much each day, from selecting her clothes and nappies to deciding her food chart, each day has been a wonderful experience.

Our daughter has always been a very happy and easy-going child, she never troubles us with any tantrums. Yes she is a very picky eater and feeding her is like going to war but we manage since she has been such a nice daughter we had the courage to plan a second child when she was only 2 years old.

Today, we are blessed with 2 beautiful daughters and despite being a parent twice, we still have lots to learn. My elder daughter helps me so much with the younger one, she keeps her company, sleeps next to her during the afternoon naps, she takes care of her little sister when I am busy with housework. My younger one is also a very easy going and happy child, like her sister she never kept us awake for the night, nor does she resist staying with my sister while I take my elder one to school or her classes.The younger one is really growing up fast.

I strongly believe Motherhood is not a race of whose kid is better than whom, for me, motherhood is learning from my kids, how to have fun and be happy all the time.

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