Easy Mothers day craft activities

Hi beautiful friends !!

My elder daughter Maanya is 3 years old now, and art and craft have come to our rescue during the quarantine period.

We have our very own Youtube channel (link shared below) where we time and again introduce activities for children to keep them busy and happy, and so today we came up with these 3 super easy peasy artwork specially for Mothers Day.

1. Butterfly Hand print card!

Things required

• Plain A4 sheet
• Paint colors and brush
• Sketch pens


* Fold the A4 sheet into 2.

* paint your child’s hands with their favorite color and take print on the sheet, make the butterfly body, eyes and legs, add finger prints with any color to give it more beautiful shades.

*Decorate it with your favorite stickers and write a message for you Mommie.

2. Photo craft

Things required

• Popsicle sticks
• 1 photo of you and your child
• 1 paper sheet
• Glitter paint and paint brush
• Felt pens or sketch pens


* Take 3 popsicle sticks and break them into 2.

*Take a sketch pen and write Happy ( In the full popsicle stick) Mothers ( in a broken half) Day (in another broken half of popsicle).

* Now stick this on top of your sheet , one below the other.

*On each side and bottom stick 1 popsicle.

*Stick the photo of your choice in the middle.

*Adjust the remaining popsicle sticks near the photos.

*Add glitter paint and decorate the sticks.

* Voila! You are done.

3. Handprint card !

Things Required

* A4 size sheet
* Scissors
* fevicol
* pen


* Take the sheet and outline 1 hand of your child.

* Fold the paper into 2 and cut it.

* Take a small strip of paper and write “Happy Mothers Day 2020”

* And fold it in a zigzag pattern

*Stick the ends of the papers in each hand outline cuts.

* And your simple card is ready.

A full video for the above art along with many other creative video are updated on our YouTube channel


25 Replies to “Easy Mothers day craft activities”

  1. Any crafts with the kid’s handprints on them are amazing keepsakes for life. These are naturally perfect for Mother’s Day and for Father’s Day and birthdays too in my opinion. I still have some of these cards here tucked away and I will NEVER toss them. They mean too much to me.

  2. These activities are not only good for mothers day but I believe it helps a child to be creative. And these crafts your daughter had made are really cute. I loved the handprint card. Really sweet!

  3. Such beautiful desings. I love when my kids bring things like this from school, I have my office full of them

  4. These are such cute ideas! And with the handprint crafts, you will have a copy of your child’s hand size at that moment forever!

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