Women – The incomplete gender

I couldn’t decide where to begin this article from, so many thoughts running in my head so much to write, so much to express, and then I remembered something, Since childhood, I loved watching mythological series, when we were young we use to sit in front of our television sets on Sunday’s and wait for Mahabharata and Ramayana to start. And sadly, even in these what we saw was wars and agony of women. Though I didn’t understand much at that time as I grew up I started relating to all that I saw.

Draupadi was lost in a bet as if she was a commodity and not a human being, Even today some women are married off only for house help and to bear kids.

Sita, despite all her sufferings she had to go through “Agnee Pariksha” to prove her purity. Today more then the criminals the victims have endless humiliation and name shaming.

This has been going on for ages, from the day a girl is born her future seems to be predictable, be it a village or a big city, girls are taught to hide their feelings, give up their dreams, I have never heard anyone telling a boy to learn to cook or do household chores, but a girl has to learn it all because that’s her future, Savings are done not for her education but for her marriage and it just doesn’t end there. A man can freely pursue his career all his life but a woman has to balance it with household ties. She is trained to multitask and adjust, to hide pain and let go of things she believes in. A man can retire or change his job but do we have the same benefit at all?

Women have to give up the life they lead since birth and move into a new house and make it their world. If the husband and family are nice she is considered amongst the “Lucky” ones and if not then she is again brainwashed and forced to adjust, everyone lives in a fear of what society would say if she returns to her parent’s place.

There are so many cases of domestic violence, crime against women, postpartum depression and so much more, but no one seems to be willing to put an end to her hardships. The ones who try to raise their voices are often tried to pull back or have to face challenges in a path to find peace.

She is born as a daughter, married as a wife, reborn as a mother, and then she dies, and between all this, she forgets to live her life.
Its time we put ourselves first, love everyone but love yourself a little more. It’s okay to take a break now and then, it’s okay to share your pain. Pledge not to pass on our burdens to our daughters rather let her blossom.
It’s not easy but it’s worth a try.

Don’t just let life pass by because you are women make it a celebration because “You are women”.  

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  1. this is great information. we do need to educate our girls as women to who we are support each other.

  2. Yes, our lot is complicated even as we are celebrated as queens, divas and creative powerhouses. It’s important to educate our daughters to do better and for us to keep speaking out. Sita’s chastity and devotion is restored so she wasn’t’ a failure. But I hear you.

  3. Hhhaaaaaaa….it is only now that I have grown independent of view, opinion and idealism that I see how much privilege I enjoy as of being a man. It is so annoying, honestly. Women are to be women and not tangible items.

  4. Such an incredible (and true) post! As a woman, I think it’s so important for me to embrace everything about me and love my life for exactly what it is… being a strong, independent, and powerful woman.

  5. it is such a thought provoking article – we are such a strong and resilient people , but like you said there is so much violence against us – kind regards pati robins @ style squeeze blog

  6. Sometimes I forget how different life is for people in different countries. Hopefully things will change for the better for women.

  7. I am very sad for how girls and women are treated worldwide. In this day and age, this should no longer be an issue. It would be wonderful to see the day that they are treated based on the people that they are.

  8. I’ve said this before…Women are amazing humans. Women sacrifice so much and have so much beauty. Don’t even get me started on childbirth and being a mother. That in itself says everything. Who run the world—girls! 😉

  9. I love watching mythological series too! I agree women go through a lot of sacrifices when not just in marriage but in our society all together.

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