SIMPLICITY – A lesson learned in quarantine.

In the 21st century, the lifestyle for everyone has changed a lot, cell phones, computers, Air conditioning, Cars, and many other leisure things have seemed to become a basic requirement. Kids today are so tech-savvy that we do not have to educate them on how to operate cell phones, they seem to know it all, whereas when we were young all we knew was how to make paper boats.

I remember when we were young, we use to get new dresses only during Diwali or on birthdays but today we buy clothes, toys, and other luxury items almost daily for our kids. Lavish hotels have replaced home-cooked meals. Shopping malls and online apps have replaced our local bazaar shopping. From outdoor playgrounds and parks, we have indoor play areas for children. Now things like Meds, groceries,  daily essential items are delivered at our doorstep in just a click.

Things have evolved and so have we, in the rush to earn and provide every possible luxury to our family, we seem to have forgotten how to live simply.

Then came the pandemic COVID 19 which forced everyone to stay behind locked doors, Shopping Center, Theaters, Shops, and educational institutions all are closed. After a considerable time, the whole family seems to be together again under the same roof all at the same time, husband and wife, fathers and kids, Inlaws and family members all are locked together 24X7. Once again home-cooked meals have become everyone’s favorite Since there is no house helps everyone is contributing to housework. The never-ending list of luxury shopping items has been replaced with everyday needed grocery items.

Pandemic taught us what really matters, the much-needed family time, basic food, and helping each other get through these testing times. The mother nature is also resting, birds fishes and animals seem to enjoy the open neighborhood. The times are difficult but a much-needed lesson has been taught.

Let’s all take this opportunity to reevaluate our priorities, let’s embrace this thought and remember what the famous Confucius said

“Life is really simple, but we insist on making it complicated”

#Stayhome #Staysafe

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17 Replies to “SIMPLICITY – A lesson learned in quarantine.”

  1. Life is very simple but we make it complicated – never were more true words spoken! I know this pandemic has been hard on everyone but it is nice that families are getting back in touch with each other, especially through cooking. I’m glad you’ve taken some good lessons out of this experience. Thanks for sharing!

  2. I completely agree! I love that we have always lived simply out here on our farm…and now others can see I wasn’t crazy lol.

  3. I really agree with this! Social distancing has made me realize how much we really don’t β€œneed” in life. I will definitely live more simply moving forward!

  4. Beautiful post! Yes this pandemic has taught us that we need little, to find joys in small things and be thankful always! Thanks for sharing

  5. I can’t agree with you more! I remember commenting somewhere recently that I find that I realized I don’t need a lot of things and got rid of a lot of the superficial things that make me temporarily happy. Lockdown has been a bit of a blessing at times I guess.

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