Age difference in couples – Does it really matter ?

I remember reading about the famous model turned actor Milind Soman marrying Ankita Konwar who is 21 years younger than him. A lot of people said a lot of things due to the age gap between the two. Though marriage with an age gap between celebrities is not unheard of, various other famous couples like Sachin Tendulkar and Anjali Tendulkar, Saif Ali Khan and Kareena Kapoor. Even the veteran actors like Dilip Kumar and Saira Banu, Rajesh Khanna and Dimple Kapadia have been married despite the age difference.

The basis of any relationship is mutual respect and love, this rule applies for all relationships be it Parents and children, siblings, friends, or co-workers but when it comes to marriage there is a whole lot of restrictions applied, there is scrutiny over the slightest bit of details and background checks for grooms and brides and why not this bond is for two people who are going to spend their lives together as partners.

Though In India, for decades the marriages are arranged by parents, which is widely accepted and common practice.

In some marriages, the age difference is not much but in some, it goes up to 10 years or above, and since it’s not a very common some are frowned upon. But do these differences actually matter? What has age got to do with love? You cannot tell your heart to love someone or not to love someone, it’s a decision your heart makes for you, the chemistry, the bond, the compassion, the comfort, the trust it has on some other person, can it be shut down because of the age difference?

Some claim, due to a big age gap there are higher chances of divorce or the marriage ending poorly, yet doesn’t this apply in all relationships? Any bond can grow to weaken over the years if either of the partners is not giving their best or are not truthful.

Love is truly becoming a rare commodity, the world is going forward, everyone is in the race of being on the top, amidst this race if one finds true love in someone who is not of the same age or is questionably elder or younger, is it right to let them go? Is it not incorrect to just let it pass by because people will talk about it?

We are progressing towards a better world, children are growing up in a digital world, they have far more exposure to the world than we ever had when we were young. As we are opening ourselves to new technologies, why not try and open ourselves to more chances of love and hope.

Its time we keep aside our preconceived notions, let go of ages-old bias and give love another chance. Things like age difference are too little to let a happy life be sacrificed upon.

What are your thoughts? Do let me know

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30 Replies to “Age difference in couples – Does it really matter ?”

  1. Age difference doesn’t really matter and it is up to the couple to work their relationship. There would be many eyes rolling but don’t even bother giving them attention, coz it is not worth it.

  2. I generally don’t think that age matters. Except that as the couple grows older, they could end up spending a long time without their loved one if their age is so significantly different that one dies many years before the other. But even with young couples that can be the case because none of us is guaranteed a long life.

  3. I know couples that are 10+ years apart still together after decades & couples who are the same age who divorced in less than 6 months. It just depends!

  4. My GF is 24 years older than me, so I can say with certainty that it can work. It’s just like any other relationship. You have to be compatible.

  5. I think it really depends on the couple. If you’re 25 and love video games, and you meat a 40 year old who’s been gaming since the days of the NES, your age difference probably won’t matter much because you both have the same interests.

  6. I like your writing style. I do feel that the taboo is more prominent towards women when they marry a younger individual.
    Although, time has proven that regardless of age groups, relationships will fall if they are not handled with care. Age is generally the least affecting factor in such cases.
    Let’s hope that we as human take a turn towards living better lives than before, be more compassionate and less judgmental towards others.
    Why let technology evolve faster than we ever can.

  7. Doesn’t it depend on the couple? I was never attracted to any men that had a significant age difference. It wasn’t even something I gave that much thought to–they just weren’t on my radar.

    I’ve been in various stages of caregiving for my mom. For me I can’t imagine being in that stage for a parent and a husband, had I married someone significantly older.

    Also wanted someone who could keep up with the kids and be physically active.

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