5 Vegetarian Superfoods For Building Immunity In Kids

As we all know the Novel Corona Virus has hijacked our life and it is utmost important to make sure our kids are getting proper food to have a better immune system to help combat viruses. 

Being from a pure vegetarian family this has been quiet a challenge for me as it limits my options and encourages me to be creative in order to ensure my kids get proper and complete nutrition during the time of this widely spread disease, hence I have listed below a few options which give my kids a better immunity.

  1. Almond – Nuts are really important for kids when they grow up , Almond is a must as it is packed with vitamins and fibres which help to produce killer cells to combat viruses. Just 2 Almonds a day can do wonders for your child’s health. It is best if you can give them in the morning hours during the breakfast time , You can mix it with your kids Milk or add them to there cereals.
  2. Yogurt – The probiotics present in yogurt help to stimulate our immune system ,it is also rich in Calcium, potassium and Vitamin D which are very important in growing kids. Yogurts are widely available in different flavours like strawberry, blueberries etc. It is ideal to serve yogurts during Lunchtime but as it’s a yummy option it can be enjoyed anytime of the day.
  3. Broccoli – They are rich in Vitamins A,C and E also it has many vital minerals and a very healthy and yummy option. You can prepare or add it along with different kinds of food and serve to your child. You can also serve it in form of Soups or simply stir fry it . This superfood can also be enjoyed at anytime of the day.
  4. Spinach – It is Popeye favourite food and why not it is filled with magnesium, Iron ,Vitamins and Zinc. Spinach is good for all age groups and thus can be enjoyed by everyone. You can make Broccoli and spinach soup and serve it to your kids. Spinach can easily be added to many other foods and be served to your child.
  5. Turmeric – It is considered as an Ayurvedic Superfood due to its antioxidants and anti inflammatory properties makes it an ideal choice for consumption during Virus outbreak. Its has been widely used since ages as a natural source of building immunity in Kids, you can simply add turmeric to daily food which you serve your kids or just add a little turmeric to your child’s Milk.

These are the top 5 superfoods which I offer my kids in moderate quantity , If you are planning to introduce them to your infant please make sure you introduce them one at a time and give at least 3 days gap between each food so in case it doesn’t suit your child you can know about it.

Many interesting and delicious recipes can be prepared from these, You can mix an match these with various other foods. Let me know if you want me to share some super easy recipes with you!

NOTE :- This blog was originally published in Mom store website written by me.


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10 Replies to “5 Vegetarian Superfoods For Building Immunity In Kids”

  1. I can’t agree more with all of these! I basically had all or a combination everyday growing up. I think turmeric is also amazing because you can hide it well into foods 🙂

  2. Great options! I was excited to see almonds made the list. My toddler doesn’t each much meat, so I’ve started adding sliced almonds onto his plate and he loves them!

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