Hello there, Welcome to my website !

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Welcome to my website,I am Bhavya Gandhi,
Born and brought up in the City of JOY – Kolkata, India .After being a stock broker for over a decade, Motherhood gave me a much needed break, blessed with 2 beautiful daughters and a loving husband 🙂

I have started this blog to share my thoughts and experience as a mommie with all you beautiful people out there.

A Mommie by choice & A blogger by passion ❤️

Lots of love and hugs 💕

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” I would rather be a Happy Mother , than a Perfect Mother !” -Thehappymommie

“My Kids follow me everywhere I go, and so does Happiness!” -Thehappymommie

“Your Way of Parenting is the Right Way of Parenting!”-Thehappymommie


Let’s build something together.

Get in touch at bhavya0110@gmail.com